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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dates

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Barney Kawai

Having good pictures on your profile is vital if you're to be prosperous in the world of internet dating. Follow the guidelines below and your profile will stick out from the bunch!

No Web Cam or Mobile Phone Pics!

It's better to avoid using any images which were taken from web cams or mobile phones. They do not take very good pictures. Use pictures from a normal film or a excellent digital camera.

Don't Be Shy!

Some people today feel that submitting one picture is sufficient. It's not. Someone could look completely different depending on light and other things. Bear in mind the person looking at your image has only that along with your profile to determine if they would like to speak with you (which generally costs money). If you simply give them one picture to look at they may hesitate, causing you to potentially miss out. Submit at least 5 pictures of yourself in a variety of settings.

Give Us the Entire Package!

Ensure at least a couple of your pictures are close up's of your face and a couple of show your entire body. Have pictures with unique angles, clothes, expressions, lighting, etc.. It is like if you're shopping on the internet for something. You'd want to find pictures of every angle to be sure you enjoy it right? Same thing with internet dating.

Don't Forget To Smile!

People always seem better when they are smiling! Have a picture or two of you smiling or laughing with friends and family. Apart from looking fine it also shows you're a fun-loving individual.

Keep It Real!

Pictures that appear too professional can sometimes seem a little suspicious. Believe it or not, some people actually submit fake pictures (I know, what a shocker). If your image is real but it seems a little too great, some folks may think it's fake. So try to avoid using your glamour shot. Submit normal images of yourself in normal conditions. Maybe you on a journey, in a group of friends, doing some action, or simply hanging out. Anything that may help reveal who you are and what you are all about.

Tell Us More!

Some dating sites permit you to add a description with your picture. Make the most of this opportunity. A fantastic description helps finish the setting and brings the viewer in. You are actually telling a story here, catch their imagination!

Remember, the first thing people look at is the picture. If you follow these tips your profile will seem a good deal more appealing to prospective dates. Very good luck!.