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Are You Too Attached?

Posted on April 26, 2021 by Barney Kawai

So you love your spouse to an alarmingly romantic degree and wonder if a smothering could be putting a damper on the entire healthier relationship quotient.

You need to begin by asking yourself if you think your behavior to be helpful to your partnership. Be brave: Ask your partner if they want a little space and do not take offense if they do. Being in a relationship does not mean you must do everything together, be certain that you have your own hobbies and friends outside of the connection.

Always make time for yourself to prevent losing your individuality in a relationship. Set aside 1 day of the month to spend time solely on your own, either spend that day in a spa or take in a dinner and movie. You also need to spend one day a week of quality time with your loved ones or friends.

Try not to blur the lines between attachment and possessiveness. It is completely unhealthy to feel that you have someone and can control what they do or that they spend time with.

If you end up counting the moments until your love comes home or check in on him/her a gazillion times a day through email or by telephone, then yeah, you may be too attached. If you can not bear to be without your spouse then you might want to examine your feelings about confidence and abandonment.

Share those feelings candidly with your spouse so that they can understand where you are coming from and give you the reassurance you require.