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Leaving Early: Classic Date Breakers

Posted on July 6, 2023 by Barney Kawai

So you're halfway through the date and also you know it will not work. There is no chemistry, no sizzle, and your date is less interesting than a piece of soggy toast. But how can you escape without offending him or her? Try one of these handy excuses and you will be out of there very quickly.

Create A Work Emergency

Using work as an excuse is a good way to get someone to leave you alone, forever. You can tell your date that you forgot to mention you should get home early to finish a report. When they see that you put work before them, they will likely be turned off and not want to date you again anyway.

Invent A Sick Family Member

Ok, so this one is meant to be saved for those moments where you just can't take it anymore. Just tell your date that your aunt went to the hospital that morning and that you wouldn't feel right unless you went there to be with her. Just hope and pray that your date is not so compassionate that he or she offers to come with you.

Use The Scare Tactic

Another way to eliminate your date, for good, is to scare them with myths. You can tell them you have ten kids or you are ready to elope to Vegas within the next six months. You can tell them that you already know what you would like to buy them for their birthday, and start writing the date on a napkin for your records. These things will scare any normal person immediately.

Play Sick

You can always act like the food at dinner caused your stomach to feel ill. You can hike to the restroom for ten minutes to help with the dramatic effects. You should keep in mind that your date will likely call you the next day to check on you however. So, this is simply not always the best excuse to use.