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Table Manners

Posted on August 29, 2020 by Barney Kawai

Dining can be an ordeal for either party if someone does not understand the small"etiquettes" to follow when dining.

First, ensure you make reservations before hand, particularly if dining in a fancy or restaurant that is popular. It'll be an unforgettable humiliation showing up with your date just to be pushed away or needing to wait (for maybe hours) since there are no accessible tables. Being prepared will definitely make a poor impression. Also make certain to check out the restaurants dress code and dress appropriately and be certain that you pass it on to your date.

Now, for the true dining experience. Please, the worst date is the person who latterly pours down the food his/her mouth as though they have not eaten for days. Another point to consider is do not chew your food with your mouth open. Who would like to see your food being prepared to input your digestive system, not to mention having food droplets splatting in their face throughout the table! Some people have a tradition of eating to fast, but try to consciously accelerate your pace and count about 12 seconds between each spoonful. This way you won't wind up completing your meal and placing your date in an awkward place to attempt to catch up with you!

Keep your focus to your date and when anything is required you should be the one to call the waiters attention. When aiming for the waiters' attention be subtly and invisibly waive him/her over, no need for loudness or waiving of hands high above your head.

Please remember, put your napkin in your lap, don't tuck! No tucking into your trousers and no tucking to your collar like a bib for a 3yr old at the dinner table!

DO NOT pick your teeth with your fingers, fork or toothpick, if you get food stuck between your teeth, excuse yourself, go to the toilet and by all means, get it out which ever way you feel deemed appropriate! Hey. . .she/he ai not looking!

If you follow these few simple guidelines, you should have the ability to walk away from the date with no embarrassing moments under your belt, no worries about being the subject of a primitive girls gossiping night, believe me you don't wish to be the subject of such event, and confident enough to go for your next dining experience!