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The Drive-In, An Old Time Favorite

Posted on April 8, 2024 by Barney Kawai

If you're lucky enough to get a drive-in near your hometown you need to definitely consider going there on your own next date. At once, the drive-in was the area to be. These were in the same way popular as concert halls, and offered a more relaxed and personal atmosphere.

A traditional cinema usually charges about $8 per person for admittance; which is for just one movie. A drive-in theater charges about $5 per person for admittance, & most of these show several movie per night. So not merely are you saving cash, you're also addressing see several movie.

The only problem with this particular is that drive-in theaters certainly are a dying breed. You can find just a few obtainable in each state, if that. Most of them have turn off through the years because they cannot match the mega theaters which are blossoming from coast to coast. Boy I skip the classic days.

The drive-in is definitely probably the most popular places to have a date. They provide a great degree of fun and convenience for an inexpensive. Search your neighborhood phone book to discover when there is one in your town.