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What To Wear On The Great Date!

Posted on May 16, 2021 by Barney Kawai

A significant date is nerve wracking enough, let alone having to worry about what to wear. Have you ever wondered if your outfit was appropriate or if it may attract the opposite sex. The point is to draw your date's attention, and leave them wanting more. A excellent outfit provides insight into your character and should flatter your shape. We have all made blunders in regards to our apparel, everybody's been caught up in the fickle fashion scene. Below are a few suggestions to help both men and dolls date fashionably.

Clothes make the man so my very first word of advice is to get some comments. If you understand your strongest point is not picking the ideal pinstripe then have a sister, friend or so on, give another opinion on what you are planing on wearing. Dress comfortably and look like yourself. There's no use in looking like James Bond on a date just to return home and throw in your typical ratty sweats. Put on a lucky shirt, pant' s or panties, anything that will provide you an additional boost of confidence. By all means do not use a gimmick! Obtaining (or wearing) a cowboy hat, tarot cards, guitar, lei, wrestling mat etc. ) will surely insure you will be remembered, not in a fantastic way. Now for the women...

Whatever you lovelies out there please flaunt your very best advantage, try to refrain from flaunting all of these. Do not be afraid to show some skin so long as it is weather permitting and proper to your relationship destination. Why wear hoochee mama club getup into a bowling alley, or a track suit to the opera. If you know where the date is happening then call beforehand to inquire about the dress code. Always wear your sexiest set of undies (if your date sees them or not) you will exude a hot confidence all night long. Most importantly, be comfortable. Wear shoes you've worn before and clothing that fit correctly, who wishes to spend a romantic night outside correcting, fidgeting and straightening. For just a little color theory, red invokes fire, life and brings the human eye simpler than any other colour. Other safe date colours to don are baby blues (calming), pink (female, nurturing) and white (pure, virginal).

Wouldn't it be easier if we could all wear our god given birthday suits, let us all petition! Not only would it be cheaper, it would also save the world from perplexing Gucci with Pucci.