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Why a Woman Would Break Up with You

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Barney Kawai

The major all-encompassing principle is that the man stops being attractive. Let's enter some specific examples in the most frequent motive to the least.


The guy is too obsessive. He hangs around her to much, and seeks her focus CONSTANTLY. This is a huge drawback, particularly for a woman who has so much offer, typically she has a lifetime. She needs space, she needs companionship. Be certain that you supply that, and give her independence.

Approval Seeking

You are doing those things you know you should not. Like: What do you want to do tonight hunny? Or I truly wanted to see that film, but I guess we could see yours... That is prime wussy behaviour. STOP IT. Beautiful, interesting women won't tolerate this behaviour for very long. I guarantee in 98 percent of scenarios you did not start out that way. The David Deangelo array of substances really talks in-depth about this subject. It was interesting to discover the ways I was destroying my chances in more ways than one that I was not even aware of.


Do not ever be jealous. If she is with you, she is with YOU. You would hope she's always being flirted with about you. She is obviously hot, excellent job! Control that emotion and funnel it into comedy, by sometimes'negging' (slight self-esteem hit) her. Say something following a guy says,"You are blessed to be with a girl that good...", reply by saying something like,"I understand, imagine how much she had to work for me!"

Boring and Predictable

So many men are dull and predictable. Don't answer you are phone 1 out of 10 times, just to have her think more about you. (It works on us does not it guys?) Do things spontaneously with her, that is interesting and unpredictable, like go snowboarding in the event you've never been, or skydive one day, or in the event you never dress up and go to an expensive restaurant - do this!

Mix and match this up so it is interesting for the two of you. In addition, be different in character, be nice a few times, be a little mean other occasions but respectful. Try being really active and not clingy if you are always readily available for her. DYD talks extensively about this.

Not doing what worked.

Initially you got her! What did you do? How can you act around her? Forget what relationship books say, do what worked! Bear in mind the old saying,"If you keep doing what you have always done, you are going to keep getting what you have always gotten!" That works for great results also. So keep it up! Do not call her back in a second if that is not what you did initially.